Products : Turbines & Generators

SCS are able to supply Turbines Generators to Hydro Sites which use the SCS HGP Controllers.


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Tepersac Turbine The turbines supplied by SCS are manufactured by Tepersac. Tepersac are a specialist Peruvian renewable energy company established in 1996 and have exported hydro turbines to Bolivia, Ecuador and El Salvador as well as the UK. SCS are the only Authorised Distributer of Tepersac Turbines in the UK and have 30+ Installations.

TEPERSAC are experienced with manufacturing and installing hydro turbines from 1kW to 250kW and have manufactured more than Tepersac Turbine 80 turbines to date. The turbines that are being exported to the UK are horizontal shaft Pelton turbines with one or two jets and runner pitch circle diameters (PCDs) from 250mm to 550mm. More detailed technical information can be viewed by clicking here (note - you must have a pdf reader installed to view this)


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GeneratorsSCS have business relationships with two Generator  manufacturers ABB and Brook Crompton. SCS are able to source Generators from either of these Manufacturers dependent upon the type of Hydro being installed. These Companies both produce Induction Generators that are specifically wound to SCS Generators requirements to ensure high effiiciency over a wide range of outputs. SCS will arrange for the Generators to arrive at the SCS Factory when the SCS Control System (HGP) has been assembled. This means that they can be tested together and Customers can be assured that there will not be issues on-site due to natural component variations.


Why buy from us ?


The list below shows the advantages of purchasing Turbines and/or Generators from SCS.

  • We are the only Authorised Distributer of Tepersac Turbines in the UK.
  • Purchasing of Control System, Turbine and Generator means a one stop shop for post installation support of the complete electro-mechanical system.
  • Generators are tested and the Control Systems are tuned with the specific configuration for a given End Customer.
  • Both Generators and Turbines are well established in the Industry and SCS have many years of experience in supporting these.