Products : Monitoring and Remote Control

HGP Controller Customers can opt for a Monitoring Solution which can be used in conjunction with the Controller to Monitor Generation and Status Data. The data can simply be stored locally on a PC at the Turbine House or can be sent on to an SCS Website to allow the data to be viewed over the Internet. Alerts may be set up to let Users know when potential problems occur. Optional Remote Control  functionality allows near real-time control of many of the HGP functions simply by using a Browser via a PC or Mobile Device.

The Monitoring Website

Overview of system (click on the images for a larger view)

Monitor Table The Monitoring Website allows a user to display generation and performance data from the HGP Installation. Historical data from the past 30 days is kept on the website and may be displayed in a tabular form or graphically. The data to be displayed is User selectable and allows the monitoring of Monitor Graph Power, Head, Generation, Voltages and Actuator statuses. The site requires a User to log on to ensure that the data is not visible to the general public. Further Users and logons can be created by the owner of the Generation Site or delegated to trusted users.

Remote Control Optional Remote Control functionality allows a 'virtual' display of the HGP Control Panel and remote access to the Control Panel buttons. Other consolidated functions are available via push buttons and access to individual functions may be controlled on a User by User basis. Remote control allows the user the ability to download Monitor Config detailed information about the Controller. Downloadable information includes the configuration of the Controller. Given this information, it is then possible to remotely change the configuration which can save on costly site visits when fine-tuning the system.

Advantages of Monitoring and Alerting

Whilst purchase of Monitoring is Alerting is optional, SCS highly recommend its use as an aid to diagnosing and fixing issues without the need to go to site.

The list below shows the advantages of having a monitoring solution over an HGP only system:

  • Generation data is stored on a local PC.
  • 30 days of Generation data can be viewed over the Internet.
  • Alerts for scenarios such as low head and disconnection can be sent to Users by email and/or SMS.
  • If a Generation Meter is connected, the readings can be seen over the internet.
  • Users can download generation data from the Turbine House PC (Remote Control option only).
  • Users can remotely change the configuration of the Controller.
  • Users can access a 'virtual controller' which gives near real-time control of the HGP Controller (Remote Control option only).
  • Users can download and view trip information.
  • Site Administrators can add or remove access to multiple Users. The type of access that Users have can also be controlled by the Site Administrators.
  • Technical Installers may be given access to the site on a temporary or permanent basis.