About Us

Sustainable Control Systems (SCS) was founded in 1999 by Dr Nigel Smith. The Company started as a small Nottingham based Start-Up designing and supplying only off-Grid components for small scale Users and Systems. Since then, SCS has moved to progressively bigger premises in Herefordshire and is now the largest supplier of Hydro Electronic Control Systems (both on and off-Grid) in the UK.

Company Overview


Sustainable Control Systems was one of the first Companies in the UK to specialise in the manufacture of Control Systems for small -scale Hydro.

Sustainable Control Systems was founded in 1999 following earlier success with Smith Associates Consultancy in 1992. The Owner and Head of Engineering is Dr Nigel Smith who has many years experience in Power Electronics and Electrical Machines following completion of his PhD in 1992 on Self-Excited Induction Generators for off-Grid Hydro. Nigel also authored the Book "Motors as Generators for Micro-Hydro Power" which has sold over 1000 copies, is still in print and available on Amazon


Hardware design, manufacturing and testing is all performed in our Factory just outside Hereford. Software Development takes place in our Satellite Office in West Yorkshire.

Whilst still UK based, SCS does supply to International Customers and has installations in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Greenland
  • Peru
  • Nepal
  • Uganda


What Makes Us Unique

The expansion in Alternative Energy schemes over the last 20 years has produced a corresponding increase in Specialist Manufacturers so.. why SCS ?

SCS have an excellent reputation throughout the Industry in the UK. Amongst the reasons for this reputation are:

  • SCS Controllers are not simply off-the-shelf standard component aggregations but have been designed from the bottom up to optimise the design for Hydro functions and minimise compatibility issues.
  • An end to end design and manufacture ensure expert understanding of the system.
  • All our Hardware and Software is tested on our own premises in Hereford and (if a Generator is supplied by SCS) the specific supplied Generator is tested with its Control System. Customers can then be sure that testing has been done on their complete control system and not simply on individual components or sub-systems.
  • SCS work closely with a number of Induction Generator Manufacturers. The Induction Generators that they supply to SCS have been wound to our specifications.
  • Hardware and Software are fully integrated to provide a one stop shop fault diagnosis service.
  • All after-sales service is in-house.