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Stump up for trees – doing our bit...

On a wet and window February day, four members of SCS took time out to help plant some trees they purchased to support the amazing Stump up for Trees initiative -See You Tube Video. You can’t miss Dave our panel builder with the red Mohican!


Keeping up with new connection requirements – G99

Keeping Up After many years refining our controller software and test procedures to the gradually evolving G59 mains protection requirements, the introduction of G99, with its much broader scope, last year came as quite a shock to us and the rest of the industry.

Rising to the challenge, we developed an in-house testing facility for the new operating range tests, as well as harmonics, power factor and fault level contribution. We also developed special software to enable the new ‘Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode – Over frequency test’ to be carried out on site. The first G99 compliant system we supplied is for a 100 kW National Trust site in the Lake District – note how the turbine house blends in to the landscape for minimal environmental impact.


Ohm Sweet Ohm and ALoMCP

Ohm Sweet Ohm National Grid have come to recognise that making protection settings on distributed generation, including SCS control panels, very sensitive is not good for grid stability. It makes meeting demand worse when a large power station goes off line and in doing so disturbs the grid such that all the small generators disconnect and make the situation worse.


The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) has been introduced to reduce Ohm Sweet Ohm the sensitivity of protection relays in order to avoid this. As a result we are having to revisit over 300 of our control systems, from Cornwall to the Outer Hebrides in order to replace or reprogram the protection equipment! It has been good to catch up with customers we have not heard from in several years and to find equipment that still looks as good as new. This is one of the first sites visited – at Llangynog in North Wales. The ten year old panel looks as good as new – we had forgotten about the pun above the turbine house entrance – nothing to do with us! On to the next site......

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A brand new Updated Website !

After 'throwing together' the original SCS website in the early 2000s, we finally decided to put together this brand new website together with a blog to help keep our customers up to date with the latest developments from SCS.