Products : Off-Grid Systems - Induction Generator Controller (IGC)

The SCS Induction Generator Controller (IGC) is a system for control and/or regulation of small scale Hydro Schemes for which none of the Generated Power is exported to the National Grid. SCS Produce two solutions for Customers wishing to use Hydro for an Off-Grid Installation. Depending upon size and complexity of the Installation, Customers can opt for a Basic or Advanced  IGC System. These are further described below.

Basic (Pico) IGC

Overview of system (click on the images for a larger view)

Basic IGC The purpose of the Induction Generator Controller (IGC) is to maintain a constant generator output voltage, irrespective of the amount of load that the users connect to the generator. It does this by automatically dissipating any surplus power produced by the generator in additional loads, known as ballast loads. For example, if the generator produces 5000 Watts (5 kW) and the total load connected by the user(s) is 2 kW then the IGC will control the switching on and off of the ballast loads so as to dissipate the surplus 3 kW. Convector heaters (not fan assisted) are usually used as ballasts.


Advanced IGC

Overview of system (click on the images for a larger view)

Advanced IGC The Advanced IGC is a more complex system and is more suitable for larger Hydro Sites. The system utilises an SCS Hydro Generation Pack (HGP) in conjuction with:  

  • An Inverter/Charger.
  • Rechargeable Batteries.
  • Frequency Switches.

The use of a full HGP and additional components means that much more sophisticated control may be exercised. This results in the system advantages shown opposite. The first call on any surplus power from the Hydro is to charge the batteries. If these are fully charged, Frequency Switches operate low-priority Heating Loads. At times when the load is greater than the output from the Hydro Generator, the Batteries can make up the shortfall. Other energy sources such as Solar Cells or a backup Generator can be added.



Why use the SCS Off-Grid Solutions ?

Other Off-Grid Control Systems are available on the Market so why choose SCS?

The list below shows the advantages of using the Basic Off-Grid Solution:

  • Uses Induction Generators (as does the Advanced IGC) which are both robust and low cost.
  • Well established and has been used for more than 20 Years with over 100 installations worldwide.

In addition, the Advanced Solution offers the following benefits:

  • The Turbine can be controlled in order to maximise water usage .
  • The System can supply loads that have bigger ratings than the Generator.
  • The System can be run off Batteries when there is no water supply.
  • The SCS Monitoring System can be used to monitor/control the Controller remotely.