Products : Hydro Generation Pack

The Hydro Generation Pack (HPG) is the core product of Sustainable Control Systems. It consists of a Generator, Controller and Head Sensor  and is used for the automatic control of Hydro Schemes (1 to 500kW). The HGP meets the UK regulatory requirements (G59/3) for the connection of embedded Generators in parallel with Low Voltage Distribution Networks. The System is also sufficiently configurable to meet Network Requirements in other countries. The system enables automatic synchronisation of the Generator  to the Mains and uses a Head Sensor and Actuator control to maximise power output whilst adhering to environmental and electrical limits.

HGP Components

HGP Controller

HGP ControllerThe HGP Controller is the hub of the SCS Generation System and is designed to perform the following functions:

  • Flow regulation of the Water Supply to maximise power output.
  • Monitoring and control of the water levels that feed the Turbine.
  • Monitoring of the mains supply and power output to provide automatic disconnection in the event of loss of mains and/or water supply.
  • Alphanumeric display of measurements and statuses.
  • User Configuration of key parameters.
  • Optional interface for data logging to and remote control/remote configuration from a PC/Internet (see the Monitoring Solution products page).
  • Overtemperature and external trip processing/disconnection.
  • Control of Electric Brakes.

The control system will be tailored to the power and generator specifications for the overall system. HGP Switchgear The control system will either be a Single Unit system consisting of just a Control Unit or a Double Unit system consisting of a Control Unit and a Switchgear Unit.

Head Sensor

Standard Head SensorHead sensors are used to measure the level of water at the intake. There are three types of Head Sensor available.

The Standard Head Sensor is  the least expensive and is used in systems where high accuracy of the head measurement is not required. High Accuracy Head Sensor

 The High Accuracy and Precision Head Sensors are more expensive and are used where the height of water at the Forebay or Weir needs to be accurately controlled.


GeneratorSCS can supply the Generator for a Hydro System (highly recommended) or can sometimes tune the Control System to work with an externally supplied Generator. Many options are available for the Generator and will be based upon the HGP model being installed. SCS will advise on the optimum Generator configuration at the time of ordering.

Why use HGP

With other control options available, why choose the Hydro Generation Pack ?

Other systems exist to monitor and control Hydro systems but some of the advantages of using the SCS HGP Solution are:

  • Tried, tested and established solution - installed at over 500 sites worldwide.
  • Can be remotely controlled over the Internet via the optional Monitoring Service.
  • SCS Controllers are not simply off-the-shelf standard component aggregations but have been designed from the bottom up to optimise the design for Hydro functions and minimise compatibility issues.
  • Inexpensive when compared to off-the-shelf multiple component systems.
  • Designed, built and supported from a single location in the UK.
  • Recognised as an Industry Standard solution by all UK Distributed Network Operators (DNOs) in some cases meaning that only Factory rather than on-site tests are required for commissioning.