Products : Export Management System (EMS)

The SCS Export Management System (EMS) is a low cost solution for managing Generator power output on Hydro sites which are limited to the amount of power they are allowed to export to the Grid and have local uses for Electricity.  Power output from the Generator is constantly monitored. If the power rises above a preset level, then it is either diverted to local loads. This ensures that the Exported Power does not exceed pre-defined export limits.

The EMS System


EMS SystemThe EMS Systems fully integrates into an HGP Controller system (there is one EMS per phase). Feedback to the HGP Controller is via a simple multi-core cable. The system is configurable and may be set up to provide:

  • An Export Optimised system where the maximum amount of power is exported and loads are only switched in if there is a danger of exceeding the Export Limit OR
  • A Divert Optimised system where the generated power is primarily used to supply local loads (heaters) and exported power is minimised.

The functions of the Export Management System are:

  • Switching Loads on and off to adjust exported power.
  • Detecting export limits exceeded and passing back information to the HGP unit.
  • Monitoring the unit’s temperature and switching loads off if the unit is too hot.
  • Checking that Load settings are appropriate.


Why use EMS ?

An Export Management System is an optional extra for Export-Limited Hydro Sites.

The list below shows the advantages of having an EMS solution over an HGP only one:

  • The Generator can be sized according to the suitability for the Hydro site rather than based upon maximum allowed export power.
  • Fully integrated and tested with SCS HGP Controllers.
  • Loads are switched in/out using Solid State Relays which do not have mechanical contacts and therefore do not wear out.
  • A common Software code base with HGP ensuring consistent measurement techniques and parallel future development.
  • Designed-in hysteresis prevents excessive load switching.
  • A range of models are available tailored to Customer Load requirements and export limitations (up to 30kW per phase).